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'Sony-pocalypse': Why the Sony hack is one of the worst hacks ever

In a single week, hackers have brought a major Hollywood studio to its knees.

Sony Pictures is dealing with more than downed computers and frozen email. Movies have been leaked, and internal documents have exposed private company memos, along with employees' salaries, Social Security numbers and health information.

One security researcher, Adrian Sanabria, calls it "Sony-pocalypse." It's so devastating that the FBI is now warning other companies about the malicious software that infected Sony's computers.

This hack could prove extremely costly to Sony. Leaked movies. Every stolen copy of a movie is potentially a movie ticket lost. "Fury," the World War II drama starring Brad Pitt, has been downloaded illegally 2.3 million times, according to tracking firm Excipio.

The hack also threatens to suck the life out of Sony's (SNE) remake of the musical "Annie," starring Jamie Foxx, before it hits theaters in two weeks. It's been pirated more than 278,000 times. More...

12-05-2014 07:25