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Premera cyberattack could have exposed information for 11 million customers

Health care provider Premera Blue Cross said on Tuesday that the identifying, financial, and medical information for millions of customers could have been revealed in a cyberattack.

In a statement on their website, Premera said that issues related to their network have been resolved, and the company is working to strengthen security measures. The initial attack occurred on May 4, 2014, but the intrusion was not discovered until January 29, according to Premera.

The attack potentially affects 11 million customers. About 6 million of those live in Washington state, where some customers are employees at companies like Amazon and Microsoft, Reuters reported. More...

03-20-2015 19:05

Online Bank Robbers Steal as Much as $1 Billion, Says Kaspersky

(Bloomberg) -- A hacker group has stolen as much as $1 billion from banks and other financial companies worldwide since 2013 in an “unprecedented cyber-robbery,” according to computer security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The gang targeted as many as 100 banks, e-payment systems and other financial institutions in 30 countries including the U.S, China and European nations, stealing as much as $10 million in each raid, Kaspersky Lab, Russia’s largest maker of antivirus software, said in a report. The Carbanak gang members came from Russia, China, Ukraine and other parts of Europe, and they are still active, it said.

The criminals infected bank employees’ computers with Carbanak malware, which then spread to internal networks and enabled video surveillance of staff. That let fraudsters mimic employee activity to transfer and steal money, according to Kaspersky Lab, which said it has been working with Interpol, Europol and other authorities to uncover the plot.

“These bank heists were surprising because it made no difference to the criminals what software the banks were using,” said Sergey Golovanov, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab’s global research and analysis team. “It was a very slick and professional cyber-robbery.” More...

02-15-2015 16:29

Cellphone 'kill switch' leads to sharp declines in theft

It was announced Tuesday that international efforts to implement “kill switches” in all smart phones, which allow mobiles to be turned off remotely, have led to major declines in the crime in three major cities.

“Kill switches” in smart phones, which allow mobile devices to be locked down remotely, have led to a sharp decline in theft in three major cities, according to authorities.

After Apple added the metaphorical switch in 2013, iPhone thefts dropped by 50 percent in London, 40 percent in San Francisco, and 25 percent in New York. More...

02-13-2015 19:47