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McAfee: Hackers More Patient, Sophisticated Than Ever

Some of the most successful hackers are patient and calculated, waiting for just the right moment to strike in hopes of finding a treasure trove of potentially lucrative data.

The number and sophistication of targeted advanced persistent threats accelerated during the first quarter, according to a threat report released Monday by Intel's (INTC) McAfee.

Spam also continued to make a comeback, with global spam volume growing for the first time in three years last quarter and the number of suspicious URLs increasing by 12% as cybercriminals moved away from pricey botnets as the primary distribution mechanism for malware.

Adam Wosotowsky of McAfee Labs says mass email attacks have become more expensive for hackers as the defenses on emails improve. Because of that, watch for malicious links being delivered to victims in savvy ways. More...

06-03-2013 21:24