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India: Talent hotspot for global cybercrime industry

MUMBAI: India is fast emerging as a talent hotspot for the global cybercrime industry amid slow hiring in the traditional software industry, the lure of easy money, and lack of law enforcement, according to computer security experts.

Work such as hacking into computer networks and creation of malware is being outsourced to cyber-mercenaries in India through underground marketplaces. It is possible to rent botnets - computers controlled by a hacker - to launch disabling attacks to bring down websites for as little as $2 ( Rs 125) per hour.

"Increasingly, India is becoming not just the victim but the host country with regard to cyber attacks," Jagdish Mahapatra, managing director for India and SAARC at anti-virus maker McAfee, told ET. The process has become so organised that some of these hacking services come with Live Chat customer support, according to McAfee. More...

08-24-2013 15:03