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Computer Experts Face Backlash

When a group of computer experts last week disclosed a flaw in AT&T Inc.'s website that made iPad owners' email addresses public, some security researchers accused the group of criminal behavior and the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation into the incident.

The backlash surprised the experts, who collectively go by the moniker Goatse Security. "We tried to be the good guys," said Escher Auernheimer, a member of the group. Drawing attention to the flaw, he said, "was the only way to get public notification."

For its part, AT&T reached out to iPad users bv email Sunday, blaming the incident on "computer hackers" who "maliciously exploited" an attempt by the carrier to speed the process of logging in to its website.

The comments were the harshest yet by the carrier, which apologized for the security lapse and said it would cooperate with any efforts to investigate or prosecute the breach. Goatse couldn't immediately be reached for comment on AT&T's remarks. More...

06-14-2010 18:05