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Add-On Gives Power and Nuance to ‘Do Not Track’

Just a year ago, the discussion about whether websites could be prevented from tracking visitors was an arcane topic limited to hard-core privacy activists — and dismissed by many as fundamentally impossible: The equivalent of the Do Not Call list, the naysayers argued, would technically lead to more tracking.

But now Do Not Track has evolved into something simpler — a signal sent by your browser to a website. The technology is included in Monday’s release of the most widely used browser in the world – Internet Explorer — and will be in next week’s expected release of Firefox 4.

Microsoft went even further, including a tool that lets you import lists of tracking sites you want to block entirely so that you don’t have to rely, as Do Not Track does, on the goodwill of a website to comply with your wishes. More...

03-16-2011 17:11