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Innovative New Nike Project Hopes To Connect Climate Dots

Written by Karl Burkart

In the early days of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) movement, Nike was one of many companies hit hard by the “transparency revolution” — a new class of consumers who demanded the highest level of ethical conduct from their favorite brands.

Through the Nike Better World program (check out the sexy new HTML5 site), the company was one of the first to take a strong leadership position on issues like fair labor and environmental sustainability and (perhaps because of its willingness to dialog openly about its struggles in steering a multibillion dollar corporation with thousands of supply chain OEM’s spread across the globe) it bore a large brunt of criticism from NGO groups, despite its remarkable efforts to become more transparent. (Nike was the first to publicly disclose its factory list and is working towards a full elimination of overtime labor in its supply chain.) More...

05-06-2011 14:51

Control4 Powers Into Home Energy With Grid Deals

Control4 spread further into energy on Wednesday, announcing deals with Silver Spring Networks and utility AEP around its home energy management system. The home automation company said that Silver Spring Networks, which provides a networking card for smart meters and business software for utilities, will resell Control4's products. Through its deal with Control4, Silver Spring Networks said it can now offer potential utility customers a consumer-facing energy dashboard and home networking system. More...

01-12-2011 21:46

Apple patent bid combines solar with touch screen

Although Apple has yet to release a solar-powered gadget, its engineers clearly see the potential for solar power in multitouch devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.

A recently surfaced patent application, spotted by Patently Apple, shows that Apple employees filed a patent for a technology to embed solar cells under the touch screens of handheld devices.

Creating a single "stack" that combines the sensors for a multitouch screen and solar cell frees up more surface area, according to the patent description. The patent, which was filed in September 2008, also calls for the use of "light channels" to direct light to a solar cell underneath a touch screen, potentially using a parabolic reflector. More...

06-07-2010 21:19

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