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What Does the Future Hold for IT?

By Susan Cramm Nobody knows how technology will be managed or consumed in 5, 10, or 15 years, but we do know that change is coming.

A recent report from the Corporate Executive Board provided a bold and provocative view of the future of IT based on the premise that "technology will be consumed as part of the business." Here are some of the highlights:

What got us here isn't going to get us there. In spite of valiant and tireless efforts on the part of everyone involved, the current IT organizational model falls short in delivering the capability required by the business ("less than 25% of business leaders rated their organization's IT function effective" and this hasn't changed in the last five years.)

The source of IT-enabled value is shifting. "More than half the opportunities for IT enablement are at the customer interface or involve business intelligence or collaboration" (versus process automation.) These activities are unstructured and dynamic where players make decisions and redefine processes based on the situations at-hand, experience, and available information. Business intelligence, collaboration, and advanced implementations of business process management aren't applications as much as they are toolsets. More...

04-29-2010 15:53