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US net neutrality rules to go ahead

Rules that prevent net firms from blocking or slowing down online traffic can go ahead, a US federal appeals court has ruled.

A three-judge panel said it will not postpone implementation of net neutrality rules, despite opposition from firms such as Verizon and AT&T. Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler called it "a victory for internet consumers". But it is unlikely to be the end of legal action from opponents.

Mr Wheeler, who pushed the rule changes through, welcomed the decision.

"Starting Friday, there will be a referee on the field to keep the internet fast, fair and open," he said. "Blocking, throttling, pay-for-priority fast lanes and other efforts to come between consumers and the internet are now things of the past. The rules also give broadband providers the certainty and economic incentive to build fast and competitive broadband networks." More...

06-15-2015 00:13